The ultimate purpose of any business entrepreneur is to reach out his targeted global audience. Mainly there are two approaches to do so. One is native apps and second is hybrid app. Both of them have their own pros and cons. But, opting for hybrid app gives you more priority in comparison to its competitor. Hybrid apps are platform independent, time and cost effective and support offline capabilities with local storage. In the recent years, more than 50% of mobile apps deployed hybrid apps, which shows the growing prominence of hybrid based applications.

If you are an iPhone app developer and still confused to work with the native or hybrid app, here is what you need to know before starting.

Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Cross-platform apps are the one which can be utilized on more than one platforms. These apps can be operated on different networks and different operating systems at the same time. As the world is becoming mobile day by day, it has become a necessity of organizations regardless of their size, to adopt the cross-platform mobile app development.  iOS app developers and other developers all around the world are using this technology advancement to benefit users like never before. Those days are now past when users as well as organizations, settled down for a single mobile app. Now, an ios app developer’s application must support all the platforms like Android gadgets, Windows phone, iPads, Amazon Kindle, Tablets, and Blackberry etc. Through the cross-platform app, we can work hassle-free and cost-effective.

Some of the popular Cross-platform Tools


Once you have chosen a hybrid app over the other approaches, the next question is what framework/tool one should practice for hybrid app development?
Some of the popular cross-platform tools that can make app development easier and effective include Unity 3D, Sencha, PhoneGap, Appcelerator, Cocos2d, Corona, Qt, 5app, Alpha Anywhere and Xamarin.

Depending upon your requirement these tools save time, efficiency and aid in producing apps for different platforms. For example, PhoneGap is a tool owned by Adobe and is a free resource to translate code from HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, easy to operate by the first time developers. It helps in developing apps for Blackberry and Windows. Unity3D is another amazing game engine with most fascinating graphics. You can export your games to 17 different platforms. Alpha Anywhere is another framework that allows a developer with excessive options regarding programming languages.

By using these tools or any other, iPhone app Development Company can build hybrid apps in their comfort zone with an enhanced user experience. It will support in establishing a long-term and strong relationship with the end user audience.




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