Negative Keywords in Adwords and Their Importance

If you’re a digital marketing specialist or digital marketing company, you already know about organic SEO. In case you aren’t, we know a few agencies that offer small business SEO services. Otherwise, your looking into adwords. If you have already used Google Adwords before, then they possibly know about it’s mechanism—how it works. Google places your ads in front of your users who look for your services or products. Every time your ad is clicked (depending on the type of Campaign you selected), you are required to pay certain amount to Google. In order to get the maximum reach, the digital marketing agency is  required to choose specific keywords that best fit your business, so that when a user type those keywords in Google, the ads will appear.

For instance, if you sell shoes, your keywords would be like “Flipflops” “High Heels” “Best Shoes” Designer Shoes” and so forth. This is how whenever a user type anything on search engine containing these words and phrases, your ads would be displayed there by Google.

But there are always two sides of every story. So another side of this story is that if the user is actually searching for a type of shoes that you don’t manufacture and sell then definitely you wouldn’t want your ad to be shown for such irrelevant searches. Because it would only be the wastage of your budget when a customer has no interest in your product. But surprisingly this would be happening with your campaign if your digital marketing agency does not work effectively on it.

Only a smart digital marketing expert or a Google Adwords agency knows how to make a Google Adwords campaign successful. They understand what influence negative keywords can have on your Adwords campaign.

In this article, a digital marketing strategist or any digital marketing company can learn what negative keywords are and how they affect the paid campaign.

What are the negative keywords?

As per Google, the negative keywords are actually “the type of keywords that stop the ads from getting triggered by certain phrases or words.”

For instance if you sell “boys jackets” so one of your negative keywords would be “Girls jackets.” This is so because some people would be searching for “jackets” only and Google never leave any opportunity to make money. In such a case, preventing your ads from being triggered by negative searches would be the only solution for a great digital marketing strategy.

Why would I use negative keywords?

It’s simple– just because your ads don’t appear for untargeted words or phrases. By going that way, your digital marketing expert will not have to pay Google for the keywords that don’t add any value to your services/products and to your paid campaign.

There’s another reason for that, like with other targeted keywords, you may define if you want your negative keywords to be broad match, exact match, or phrase match.

Always begin with a starter list

A digital marketing specialist must always start with a starter list. In case they are not just getting started with Google Adwords. It is suggested that they begin with a starter list. This list is comprised of the most common negative keywords.

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