Dating apps is the new era of modern romance and an ever-growing technological market. If you go to on the app store, you’ll find countless dating apps. Some big names include Tinder, OkCupid, etc. that have increasing number of users frequenting up to millions. These apps are considered to be the best dating apps for relationships.

So, what is the secret behind their success? Even though a lot of users on dating apps tend to cancel their subscription, the top dating apps incline to put their emphasis on email marketing. Email marketing is probably the best tool for customer engagement. Repeated customer engagement is extremely important to invite new subscribers to join the dating app and a way to keep old customers constant on the app.

The most popular mobile dating apps know for a fact that the most influential way to increase customer traffic can be achieved through the potency of email as a tool for dedicated, strategic and personalized digital marketing.

How does it work? So, we tried to work out the formula that adult dating apps use to drive customer activation with email and how do they attract users to come back. Here are some of the strategies the best dating apps employ in their email marketing campaigns:

1.    Attract the customer by personalizing your emails

This is usually the top strategy employed by social dating apps when using email marketing. Personalizing means that the email should not feel general. When the customer opens his or her email, the person should feel as if this particular email was crafted for them individually like an invitation from a close friend or relative.

If you are not personalizing your emails, they may feel generic like every other mature dating app and give away nothing special about the app. Personalization such as including names, search results that match the dating criteria on basis of age and location of customer may easily drag their attention. Here are some simple tips you can use while personalizing emails to gain subscribers for dating apps:

  • Use personal and specific data related to user in the emails
  • Understand the main aspect of your dating appe. dating profiles
  • Add the main aspect to the email. Suggest the user dating profiles according to the individual’s specific personal data and filters that include range such as age, gender, location, etc.

But apart from inviting new subscribers via emails, make sure not to forget your already subscribed users. Make sure that you:

  • Email users that are subscribed but haven’t used the app in a few weeks. Include the search results or dating profiles they previously looked at while going through the app to add the personal touch.
  • Send a review, updates or any new activity or addition to the app to users who haven’t used the app for a while and appeal them to come back.
  • Keep emails about the app regular for all users to achieve maximum customer retention.
2.    Ensure that the user is converting from your personalized email marketing

This is an important point to consider. You want to make sure that all the thought and energy you’re putting into personalization isn’t going to waste. So, how do you make sure that maximum number of users are click through the emails?

  • One of the ways to ensure this is by making your mobile dating app emails interface user-friendly with a clean and clear layout. Like mentioned earlier, make certain that you include the user’s previous search results, profile matches and new profiles on the dating app. Many top dating apps send clickable emails i.e. the layout of the email incorporates the important aspects of the apps such as the sign in option, clear dating profiles with names and pictures which are clickable and direct you to the app. By integrating this strategy into your mobile dating app emails, you will be able to retain maximum customer engagement on the app through emails.
  • Another way is to incorporate FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) in users. Most brands add limited time offers on sales to hold the customer’s attention. You can add the same feature in your personalized dating app email by putting some kind perimeter for the user. For instance, when a user opens the email and sees dating profile matches in his or her email, they can only click on it within 48 hours. This compels the user to take immediate action and engage through the dating app by clicking on the profile in the email.
  • You can add other simple layouts to personalized emails to avoid repetition. For example, if someone super-liked your dating profile or viewed it, send an email to the user! This will pique the user’s curiosity and appeal them to click on the individual’s dating profile.

Conclusively, make sure the email template is clean and clear and appeals to the user to take immediate action or engagement with the dating app.

3.    Ensure that you are emails are enough and timely

It is no surprise that adult dating apps send more emails than any other social media sites or apps. That is perfectly A-Okay! Don’t be anxious about appearing annoying to users by sending emails. Not sending enough emails can turn out to be an obstacle in your marketing campaign. If you are not sending emails and updates to your users, they will eventually lose interest. The timing and content of the email is what matters the most, not the amount. For example, when a user signs up on the dating app, send them an auto-generated welcome email. But do not stop at that, keep provoking the user’s curiosity. Send them content and updates like, “XYZ super-liked your profile!” or “These 10 profiles have recently shown romantic interest in your profile!”.

Keep the emails brief, to the point and make sure to the send the email at the perfect timing according to the online activity of the user on the dating app. Once the user starts engaging through these emails, it may become tendency to engage in the app through emails for the user.

Here are the most eye-catching messages that you can incorporate in your email content regarding social dating apps:

  1. New profiles signed up from your nearby location
  2. Likes or Super-likes
  3. Rating on profiles
  4. Profiles that viewed your profile
  5. New messages

The best dating apps employ these simple tricks in their email campaign. This is the core reason why millions of users sign up or keep their subscription constant. Building an email doesn’t have to take days — with iConnect, it takes minutes.

If you’ve played around with other email marketing platforms before, iConnect will hands-down be your favorite — and not just because you can call, email, or chat with our support team when you have a question.

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