If you are an avid follower of global trends, you would know that fitness is all the rage nowadays. Increasing number of people, both young and old, are doing some sort of exercise to stay healthy, to increase their lifespan and enhance their quality of life. A recent addition to this trend is unique and workable health and fitness apps. These apps are proving to be milestones in people’s lives. While some apps prove to be extremely engaging and fun, others totally miss the point and are usually uninstalled within a couple of weeks.

Are you wondering how to make perfect health and fitness apps? Well, go through our list before starting the creation process to stand out amongst the numerous options available. It is about time you do not miss the moment, build a fitness app and capitalize on this hype. The modern fitness market is massive. It involves sportsmen manufacturers, gym owners, personal coaches, food industry to supply healthy food, etc.

Decide the niche

Before getting into the difficult programming and creation of the app, decide the niche you want your app to serve. The major ones are:

  • Activity tracking apps
  • Nutrition
  • Workout

Activity tracking apps

These apps track everything from your sleep, heartbeat, blood pressure, calories, food intake, etc. These apps are vigilantly used by those who loathe hitting the gym and find it extremely hard to stick to a strict diet.


These fitness apps are used to calculate the nutrition level in the body as well as the total food intake. A lot of apps these days include both the activity tracker as well as nutrition calculator.


Numerous apps are present which provides user with different exercises, ranging from beginner to expert level. These workout apps assist the user in doing the exercises on a regular basis.

Think out of the box

There are numerous health and fitness apps available in the app store. You do not want to be another addition in the same list and be monotonous. Think something of interest to the market and offer something unique. Majority fitness apps are now based on some games or collection of valuables. Being unique and creative is the key to capturing today’s generation i.e. the Millennials.

Offer, for example, an app that lets user gain coins in their wallet through which they can buy a dream holiday. This is one such idea. Users like being rewarded for their efforts and are more likely to use an app that motivates them and presents something of value to them rather than being boring and monotonous.

Let the developers do their work

While everyone knows this idea is your little baby and you have spent a lot of sleepless nights to bring this project to reality, the developers are pro at their work and know the nitty-gritty. It is better to leave all the dirty coding and programming work to them. If there are lots of opinion on a project even before the development is started, it is most likely that the developers will mess up. Developers have to take a number of important decisions including graphic design, features and functions, pricing models, etc.

Test the app

Are you confused a feeling stuck out on how can you test your own idea? Think about it as ‘how the user will use the app’ and then test it. Check everything from responsiveness, interface, language, creativity, content, graphics, color theme, etc. If you like it as a user, only then proceed with the app layout.

Get feedback from friends and family

After you have successfully designed a kickass fitness app, get it tested from friends and family. It is always better to work and fulfil a pre-existing need by pinpointing what mobile customers will look for in a fitness app. Get real-life verdict about the app from your friends and family. Getting other’s opinion will open new areas to hit for you that you didn’t think of yourself. If you wish to include new ideas into your app, try arranging a brainstorming meeting with friends after they have tested the app and get their ideas together. If any of the idea is worth it, include it in the app.


After you have gathered first-hand reviews about the app, the next step is to figure out how to market the app to public in a way that has never been done before or that can capture large masses. Remember, the foremost thing to a good app is its responsive design. The key to successful fitness app is to keep the app as sleek and simple as possible.

Launch the app

Once the app is fully tested and ready to hit the market, launch the app with a strong marketing plan. Decide if you want to launch it in the Android store, iOS or both. This decision will be based on your research whether the app will be used more by Android users or iOS users. Launch the app in a competitive price or if your app possesses any in-app purchases or memberships, launch the app free of cost.

Provide post-launch services

Keep a keen eye on the customer reviews and fix any glitches that may arise. Your app must fulfil the customer’s requirements and work flawlessly. Attend to every angry customer review with utmost tolerance and patience and deal with the problem diligently.


Fitness is all the hype today. Increasing number of people are opting for such apps to help them stay on track and enhance their quality of life. To create a perfect app is not a piece of cake but with certain do’s and don’ts, you can create a perfect fitness app suiting the requirement of the people. While all these considerations and steps may sound daunting and technical, in reality, building a great fitness app requires far less technical know-how. So, wait no further and develop a fitness app that can take the market by storm.

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