The consumer market has undergone major transformations in recent years because of revolution in the technology. The mobile phones, specifically, has changed the entire landscape and working of the market in a short period of time. It has become our go-to option for reading the news, watching television, socializing, communicating, etc. Mobile marks as an extremely important tool to connect with your audience. But with great power comes great responsibility. Many times mobile app marketing is done in such a way that it puts the customer off forever.

These mistakes may sound minor, but they annoy the customer to an extent that they never install your app again. Luckily for you, we have narrowed down a list of grave mistakes to avoid in your mobile app marketing strategy.

Lack of research

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes to avoid when designing your app marketing strategy. While a great app is necessary to be downloaded, research and customer satisfaction go hand in hand. Research is a very important factor not only in the development stage but also during the marketing stage. Gaining insight about similar apps in the marketplace and the user behavior of these apps will help you find the critical success factor for your app.

Strategy-less working

Without a great strategy, apps tend to fail miserably. Developing a great product is only one side of the coin. A working marketing strategy is important to make the name of your app widespread and encourage more downloads.

Less focus on LTV

Lifetime value of users (LTV) is one of the most efficient success metrics to measure the performance. Knowing the LTV of the app is vital to identify how and where to invest in grasping the attention of the user and to enhance the workability of the app.

Less focus on App store optimization (ASO)

In this digital world today, you must make your app optimized to stand out and rank higher in the app store. Your app must possess the right keywords to rank better and get more viewers to download the app. Having the right keyword in the title and description can help improve your app’s discoverability.

Non-customized app

If the app is not customized to the specific app store, it can result in low engagement and more frequent uninstalls. Invest time in finding out what works for each platform and customize your app accordingly to reap maximum results.

Closing Remarks

When you are creating an app, keep the mobile app marketing plan at the top of the list. The marketing of your app goes a long way in ensuring that your app is a success. Spend time in creating your marketing strategy, do proper research, put metrics in their respective place and keep a close check on the customer reviews to ensure you are tending to each and every requirement of the customer. This way you ensure that your app finds the right connection with the users it is meant for.

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