“Not every brown diamond qualifies for the stringent standards that Le Vian sets for Chocolate Diamonds”


Have you ever heard of chocolate diamonds before? They aren’t anything different from an ordinary brown-diamond. Although chocolate and brown diamonds are similar, there are a few things in which sets them apart from each other. In this post, we will be discussing some of the most vital points regarding a chocolate diamond, who is the authority to regulate brown-diamonds as chocolate diamonds and what is the significance of such regulation.


Rise Of LeVian

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Mr. A. LeVian, Founder of Le Vian Corp, was an enthusiast towards the diamond industries. It was his vision to turn the ordinary, common diamonds into something precious. But how could he have done this? In what sense could this be possible? So many things had to be thought into in order to claim something that do not have much worth…It is like trying to coin “water” in your own way and you have to give a reason to the world as per to why they should buy and drink your company’s water.

Finally an idea had ignited, LeVian had decided to coin the terminology “Chocolate-Diamonds” as the diamonds in which are sold by LeVian. The ideology in giving brown diamonds a name was a marketing tactic in which attracted and persuaded customers to buying the brown diamonds. A standardization was produced in which required regulatory actions upon such brown-diamonds, which includes in-depth examination for color, clarity, cuts, and a criteria to match, before they are considered to be a LeVian Chocolate Diamond.


Regulations for Chocolate Diamond Standardization

LeVian – diamond specialist spends time reviewing each diamond. Each diamond element is reviewed and graded according to the grading of Chocolate Diamond. Grading criteria actually help decide if the brown diamond is a chocolate diamond or it will be rejected.

The examination process consists of criteria evaluation of the diamond and to see if the criteria are met. The process begins with color, clarity, size and cut are reviewed. The coloration of the diamond is the core strength and plays a major role as the most vital characteristics of a chocolate diamond. According to the experts, the brown diamond must have a certain type of hue, tone and saturation in which should range between C4 and C7. The scale in which LeVian follows is the Argyle’s Color scale. Any brown diamond that happens to be in that range are much richer in champagne colors and are acknowledged as fancy dark brown diamonds on the Gemological Institute of America’s (GIA) color chart and grading.

Below is a chart that represents the brown-diamond coloration grading chart in which is followed by the diamond specialists at Le Vian.

(Image Accredited by: LeVian Chocolate Diamond)

As a golden rule, the more the rich a diamond is in color, saturation and the darker the color tone is, the rarer the diamond is considered which also helps to determine the average price of such chocolate diamond. The brown diamond must be clear from any flaws, blemishes or impurities. Anything that isn’t seen by the human-naked-eye is considered flawless. If it is seen by the eye, then it is considered slightly lower graded gem. LeVian have formulated their rule of clarity which is SI – meaning “Slightly-Included”.

Once the examination and grading is done, the brown-diamonds gets passed as certified chocolate diamonds and is added to their chocolate vault!

Today, LeVian is the only company that promotes Chocolate Diamonds on a grand scale. They are the only ones that sets standards on brown diamonds and adds essential value and recognition to such common gem.

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