It’s never too late to call on for help if it’s for the sake of your studies and grades. However, the advancement of technologies has made gazillions of things easier for you to keep up with your studies anytime, anywhere and anyhow in this fast-paced world.

Let’s assume, you are studying for your pre-medical, pre-engineering or business exams and a problem encounter at the eleventh-hour when you are on your study leave and none of your institute teachers is ready to conduct a private class for a short lecture, what will you do? No! Wait! Don’t think of losing your grades even for a single second. With the swift advancement in technologies, you can now get your lectures the way you want within no time via digital tutoring apps.

You don’t need to book an appointment or set any time; these apps provide you time flexibility. Apart from these the other benefits of these apps are:

  • Improves your morale
  • Provides an intensive platform for the students who are in need of practice
  • Improves grades and academic performance
  • Allow access to higher technologies and equipments
  • Increase the congruence between the teacher and learner

Here are the top rated tutor apps that helps students to solve their problems related to all subjects.


On the current basis, around 150000 teachers and students are busy teaching and learning via the tutoring app of WizIQ. At times you even miss the live lectures or the timings suitable to you are not suitable to the teacher. WizIQ operates such a program which solves the problem of timings and gives you leverage on listening to the lecture at whatever time you wish to if you miss out on the class. WizIQ set up the classes for an individual or group and records the live lectures for the later use of the students. This application also provides multiple tests for the student’s learning and these checks provide 100% fair results so that every individual have a rough idea about his preparation.


This online tutoring app is interlinked with Facebook. As now signing up on Ziizoo isn’t that difficult you just need to log onto your Facebook account to get access to this app. The rates are reliable and pocket-friendly as the majority target audience students. The fact is that this application makes it very easier for the students to get back to it within a few seconds through their Facebook. However, a feature of signing up through Facebook account attracts the students to go for the option of tutoring apps for android, IOS, windows and other mobile systems. This Ziizoo application is found to be commonly used by students.


It is found in the past years that Skype is one of the great and easy ways of conducting and taking classes and the widely used application by the majority of students and teachers. However, a few things were not fulfilled via Skype because of which the need for a proper tutoring app takes place. Here is when IDroo came jumping in the market as one of the best tutoring apps. The IDroo gain fame in the market by holding hands of partnership with Skype. Partnered with Skype, IDroo then introduced the features of whiteboard making it easier for the students to understand the subject matter clearly. IDroo helped teachers and students both to understand the difficult lectures Via the help of live sharing of pie charts and bars on the whiteboards. The geographical location is not an issue for this application to work and help you out.


This application provides online tutoring and homework help for students of every standard and field. Tutors build up a peaceful learning environment for the students to attend lectures and get a solution to all their queries with the help of an expert. This application also allows tracking the progress and the time of the delivery of your order. The students can use this application for a better and enhance learning. Not only but school districts are also using this application to serve a better learning platform for the students via its experienced and professional teachers. This application is a simple and easy platform for teaching and learning.


This application is a course management system that enables the teachers who are willing to provide online tuitions. The most enchanting feature of this applicatio0n is that it provides a free of cost teaching so that the teachers put in their 100% efforts with the help of online slides and charts that is beneficial for the students to learn and understand even better. This application is preferred by many teachers as it helps to teach many students at a single time with complete enthusiasm and the same energy level. Moodle also provides multiple resources for the teachers to create learning sites that can be used by the students in learning whenever they want.



TutorVista provides its services 24/7 to check and track the homework help encountered by students. This operation of tracking and testing helps the students to get an instant help for all their queries as the problems are passed from one monitor to another to check the availability and relevant knowledge of the tutor.


This site provides learning to the students of every age. The pre-recorded content and live charts are provided on the platform of Edufire. One-on-one sessions are also conducted to help the students enhance the complete knowledge as per their needs. It helps the students to get the help on the topic of their choice unlike the math tutor app provides the help only related to math.


These are a few of the various tutor apps that are working to assist the students according to their needs. The other tutor apps also include music tutor app, voice tutor app, typing tutor app and language tutor app.

Just don’t miss a single chance to get assistance and coaching from the best and experienced teachers around the globe within a few seconds. So get Set, Ready and GO!

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