Reading is an important habit to develop specially when children are young so that it turns into a life-long habit. There are a lot of children that requires just a push to enhance their reading. Some of the best reading apps for kids are created in such a way that it interests the child and keeps them engaged. In this world of technology, the process of making your child learn the art of powerful speaking has become both easy as well as difficult. Easy because of the widespread availability of reading materials and difficult because there is a lot of variety available that it gets hard to pick the right one for your child.

Parents can choose the best reading apps for kids as per their age. The app store is full of reading apps ranging from beginner word decoding to proper stories apps. You can choose amongst the best reading apps for kids and make your kid’s screen time productive and useful. We have done the research for you and prepared a list of best reading apps for kids who think reading is monotonous and boring.

  • MeeGenius

MeeGenius is a reading app full of fun eBooks and interactive short stories that connects with the child on their level. This app also has a number of known books such as sesame street, etc.

  • StoryKit

This app helps children learn to read and develop the habit with four classis stories alongside catchy and interesting illustrations. Not only this app will help your child become proficient reader, but it will also help them develop creative writing skills. Once they have completely read the book, they are allowed to make changes to the stories.

  • Marblemind Phonics

One of the best reading apps for kids to enhance their phonics skills, and gifts marbles to anyone who completes the task. This app has a memory game, an onset game, and a “guess the sounds” game.

  • Reading Raven

This is a customizable app for children above 3 years age. This app offers sound correspondence to decoding. When the child is 5, the app allows them to decode simple 3-letter words. In the later stage, they trace all the letters in the word as well which reinforces formation of letter. In the final stage, the child can record themselves reading a simple sentence.

  • Montessori Crosswords

This app is amazing for teaching children letter sounds. It also has cognitive mini-puzzle sets and consonant blends and digraphs. This app is customizable to the core and possess a separate section for parents.

  • Bookster

This app is a genius in bucking up the habit of reading something at night, be it books, comics, fiction stories, blogs, etc. Bookster provides young readers with literary favorites with fun and helpful narration from kids their age. Your little one will also learn new vocabulary words and can also record themselves reading the book once they are finished reading.

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